Oppai Slider 2 (おっぱいスライダー2) [English Version]

Published by: Illusion Software
Developed by: Illusion Software
Released: 25 Nov 2005
Platform: Windows
Warning: this is for 18 of age you don't have the right to download it!
we are not responsible about anything.

Oppai Slider 2 (おっぱいスライダー2) PC Game Info:

The game consist of three characters a sailor, a nurse, and a maid. Each character has a corresponding background such as a pool, hospital room, and a part of a house. The player gets to choose from multiple male avatars and sometimes a female avatar which would be in blue. Each character has two storylines in their respective environments.
The game play is based around the two mouse buttons and the mouse wheel. The other keys in the game are F1 which are the options and the quit menu, F2 shows the possible storyline paths, F3 shows the map of where items are, and F4 shows which part of the female character the player can interact with. The player starts with one of the characters and is first able to modify the clothing, areola color, breast position, and nipple shape. Unlike previous Illusion soft games the clothes opacity can be modified instead of the style. The player is limited to modifying the clothes to 50% opacity when he starts out. If the player chose a female avatar, the player is able to modify her breast size. When the player enters the environment, the objective is to progress through one of the two three-part storylines. There are two camera modes on the top right corner of the screen which is the female camera (in pink) and the players camera (in blue). The two storylines is dependant on the avatar the player chooses. To progress on the storyline the player must find items in the environment and use them on the female character in a sexual manner. The player is also able to perform various acts of foreplay on the female character. Once the player goes to one of the endings the story part is saved. The different sex positions, actions, and the endings are also saved on a H memory list.
In the second mode of play you are able to choose from the H memory or a posing feature. In H memory mode you are able to choose sex positions and actions you achieved in the six storyline. The player is able to perform a majority of hardcore sex acts in different positions. More positions are unlocked through the different storymodes. This feature also allows you to view the endings that you have achieved. In the mode with the posing feature, the player is able to pose a female in different positions. Aside from adjusting clothes and breasts, the player is also able to adjust the female characters eye expression, facial features, head rotation, eye rotation, background and pose.
Character profile: the sailor
The nurse is sleeping, and you are lifting her skirt. Several possibilities to interact with her breasts.

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Other Info

Download Content:
Oppai 2 full game (iso file)
Animation Updater
Character updater
update 1.06 (with new high resolution textures, uncensorship, English patch, save files, new exe file).
Microsoft Applelocale

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Unknown said...

are you missing part 01 of the .rar files? it starts with part02, i was wondering if part01 was forgotten.

Anonymous said...

i tried extracting it, but it says i need part 12, but part 12 isn't on the site, so are you going to upload it or am i doing something wrong?

Jaxter said...

all links are available and active.

Anonymous said...

ok, thanks. its just when you click on the links, it redirects you to download the downloader,but it only lists 11 parts on the downloade,
but now that you put the parts up there, all you need to do now is copy and paste, thanks

Anonymous said...

so now that i have all the parts extracted now what do i do? the OS2 Update 106 says the directory can't be found.

hentaku said...

i cant seem to get it to work. i downloaded all 12 files and extracted it. when i want to extract the .iso image file, it always a failure. please teach me the full steps.

Anonymous said...

It extracts and installs perfectly if you follow the instructions included in the file alongside the iso file.

If you are too retarded to understand them, then you don't deserve to play.

However, the English 'patch' leaves little to be desired, it only translates a few words in the system screen, the rest is still in Japanese.

Anonymous said...

it dosent work, the part 12 is corupt!!!!!
Any Help!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks.. it worked just fine, the only problem is the language. i download it because it said english version. but i can only see few english in the game.

Jaxter said...

you need to patch it to be completely English version.
the patch is include and if doesn't work here another one: http://www.ziddu.com/download/8006373/OppaiSlider2PatchENG.rar.html

Anonymous said...

how do u dl it? cant click the download button

Anonymous said...

What happened to my game,, it's always crash,, please help me out,, i already install the illusion, then, i patch it,, and still doesnt work.. is there any idea..?

Jaxter said...

be more specific what's appear when you start the game? and tell me more about your pc info

liberson said...

tell me how to install this game,i really tired to try,but it does"n work..help please

Anonymous said...

Hmm well it unrar'ed fine for me .. but there was no instructions on how to make it work .. so didn't go so well. Is it possible for you to upload a seperate instructions file? I didn't find it in the rar file .. unless its hidden.. thanks