Grand Prix 4 Formula 1 2009 (The F1 Game)

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Language: English
Producer: Geoff Crammond
Size of archive: 1.95 GB

Grand Prix 4 Formula 1 2009 Detailed Description:


* New three-dimensional kernel phenomenal game - a fantastic beauty.
* Improved artificial intelligence opponents, who have learned to enjoy all formulicheskimi tricks.
* Standard excellent physics engines.
* Tracks, modeled according to the GPS.
* GPediya - the most complete encyclopedia Grand Prix. Available at any time of the game.
* Pilot: all the pilots who participated in the last race of the season (Japan 2001).
* Teams: Ferrari, McLaren, Williams, Benetton, BAR, Jordan, Arrows, Sauber, Jaguar, Minardi and Prost.
* Trails: Australia, Malaysia, Brazil, San Marino, Spain, Austria, Monaco, Canada, Europe, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Hungary, Belgium, Italy, USA and Japan.
* Weather: In the game dynamic weather during the race, it can be changed.
* Sound: The game supports EAX, 3D sound, the sound of the engine at bolides taken from a real Formula 1, there are voice messages from the Pit Lane, there were voices of fans.
* Marshals and mechanics is fully three-dimensional.
* Model bolide each team varies, depending on the actual bolide team.
* The pilot can see on the sides when traveling.
* In practice the skills and the pilot starts directly from the garage. During the qualifications, if the pilot is in the garage, the rest of the pilots and the results it can be seen in a special screen.
* LAN - up to eight players, Hotseat mode - a few players for a computer to drive one at a time, Split screen - simultaneously on the same computer can play up to two players on the PC, modem - two players, Serial link - the two players.

Minimum system requirements:
Processor: Intel Celeron-Pentium 4 2.8GHz HT - 800 MHz FSB
Celeron 440
RAM: 1024 MB 666MHz-800MHz
Videocard: 256-512 MB (ATI 3450; nVidia GeForce 8500)
Sound Card: 2 channel




Install Note:

just unpack (mount the image of your favorite program), play!

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