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I put this issue of PC Gamer up front this week because it's the first one to really have the imprint, the impact, the sheer force of a Gary Steinman applied to it. His biggest move: Get rid of the columns in the back of the book and throw the resulting free space into the features and front-of-the-book well, both of which are quite a bit larger this time around.

The "Eyewitness" bit up front reminds me a lot of what you see in the British PC mags nowadays, with a mix of amusing little pieces, interviews with quirky gentlemen (such as the creator of de_dust), first-look previews, and so forth. I like it a great deal. The actual preview well is the same as always -- ok-looking, but the new design is a bit same-y across the pages -- and the features (including a roundup of non-WOW MMOs to try and a top-49 list of game studios) and longform reviews are great as always.

Basically, the editorial got rid of the part of the mag that I'm guessing the fewest people read regularly and used those resources on the bits it wants to push harder instead. I can totally buy into this, and I think it makes for a better magazine. The best US PC game mag, in fact, assuming there was some other US PC game mag to compare it with these days.

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