Google Chrome ads on TV

If there is one thing I like about Google, it's the advertising. Chrome Running

Google has remained the leader of advertising on the web for long and its only because of its very strategies that it manages to attract a large number of users for its new services and products in just a little time.

However, this time Google is adopting a new medium to spread the word for its new open-source browser called Google Chrome and its not the Internet, rather TV.

Take a look at an official Google Chrome Ad for TV below.


All the ads are running on various television networks in the U.S. and the the ads campaign has been created by the Google TV ads team.

Also don't forget to watch the ChromeShorts on YouTube which is a collection of short-films made to portray the browser in a couple of interesting ways.


One you see above is named as ‘Features List’ and is one of my favorite short-films for Google Chrome.

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