Microsoft officially announces the Zune HD!

Lately a lot of rumors have been surfacing on the Internet about a new HD device named as Zune HD and one of our writers even managed to make a detailed report on it.

However, after today no longer do we need to take it as a rumor anymore as Microsoft has officially announced the new Zune HD portable media player in a press-release.

Zune HD 

The new Zune HD becomes the first ever Zune to feature a metallic surface and a touchscreen. Below is a detailed list of all the features and specifications for the new Zune HD.

  • 3.3 inch Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Metallic body in black and bronze
  • A resolution of 480x272
  • Multitouch input
  • HD radio and video
  • Full-screen Internet browser
  • WiFi and accelerometer

Looking at the features one can definitely believe it to be hell of a device, and also the first ever portable media player to include HD radio which streams songs at a much better quality than traditional radio.

Although a head to head comparison with the iPod Touch tells us that Microsoft might not trying to be too innovative with the Zune HD. Also the device is supported to sync and work with only Windows PCs which is ironic in the sense that Mac users wouldn't really consider buying a Zune.


This Soldier Guy on youtube post video about First Look: Zune HD see it for more infos

The Zune HD will only be available in the US, unlike most other portable media players which are available worldwide. More details on the hardware, availability and price will be released by Microsoft soon.

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