Sims 3 Pirates Download for their Girlfriends

Sims 3 is the continuation of the bestselling videogame franchise of all time, and as such,the Sims 3! by marimoon. the release date in less than two weeks has been pretty highly anticipated. Therefore, it’s not terribly surprising (especially given EA’s experience with Spore a few years ago) that the game has apparently already been leaked onto torrent sites.

While EA may be backing off the practice of using invasive DRM in its games, piracy continues. The newest casualty? Sims 3 has leaked to the torrent sites two weeks before the game's release.



Screenshot from TPB taken last night:

Nothing says romance like illegal downloads! I sense some “woohoo” in the future… in the game, after the girl has started playing it and refuses to look up from the screen.

Question of the day: Come on, is it really for their girlfriends?  Also, if you’re not willing to do it yourself, would you want someone else to brave pirates’ waters on your behalf for the sake of some early Sims action?

you can download TBP Torrent here

[Source: GAS] Picture By:marimoon

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