Convert PSX images to EBOOT.pbp using PSX2PSP [Tutorial]

So you have a PSX (PSOne) image.
You cannot play this image directly using your PSP.
You must convert it to a special format.

- A PSP with custom firmware.
- A Windows PC, for the programs needed.

First of all you will be needing a ps1 game disc or an image (iso, bin ccd, img. ect)
To get the ISO image from a PS1 game you will need a program called
"ISO PRODUCER" This program will make a ISO image of the game you inserted.

Download Links

DOWNLOAD: ISO Producer 1.1

Other Info

When the program has downloaded it will be in a zip file. Go ahead and extract the
files. You will see there program in the folder that you extracted, open it.
Now is the time to insert your ps1 game disc. Before you click "make iso" you need
to have a few settings set. Click the configure button and a window will come up
like below, make sure the settings match.

When the settings are the same click ok then "make iso" This make take up to 10mins.
Once the program has made the ISO image we can continue to the next step.

Now for the next step is to convert into a eboot.pbp file, this is the game format
which will play on the psp console.

For this step you will need a program called "PSX2PSP" it's a free group of programs
which will help you loads, there are harder programs out there to convert ps1 games
but i find this the easiest one to use.

PSX2PSP v.1.4.2:

Download Links
Other Info

inside of that called "PSX2PSP.exe" Open it and it will ask you if you want it in theme mode or
classic mode, have it on classic and press ok. A window will open with information
to fill in.

For the first selection, select your ISO file. Then your output directory, i would
suggest somewhere you know, like desktop. Now you need to find the game Title, so
go through the data base until you come to the game you converted, the rest of the
column will fill in automatically.

Now to fill in the rest of the column. This is for customizing the eboot for when
your browsing for your game on your XMB.

Icon Image: This is the Icon you will see on the left whilst looking for the game.
The size should be set to "144x80" and be a PNG file.

Background image: This is the background image, pretty obvious. This will be
"480x272" and is also a PNG file.

Information image: NOT INPORTANT

Background Music: This is the music you will hear whilst selected on the game.
This is a AT3 file. I have allready done a tutorial on how to make this file.
you can find it here:

Icon Animation: This is a animation which is in the same place as the "icon image"
file. I do not know how to make these yet but it's a PMF file. I guessing it's
the same file format as a gameboot, so you will have to search on websites for
custom made ones.

Boot/Warning image
: NOT INPORTANT. I would suggest keeping this default but if you
want to change it it's a PNG file with the resolution 480x272.

Finaly, when you've done these settings you can click "convert" and start the
process of making the eboot.pbp.
Once the conversion is complete you can move
the file across to your psp. X:/PSP/GAME the game goes inside there, the game
must be in a folder, depending on the game title. for example:
X:/PSP/GAME/Crash Bandicoot 2

Enjoy your classic ps1 game from the 90's ;) 
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