Moby - Wait For Me

Artist: Moby
Album: Wait For Me
Year: 2009
Country: United States
Genre: Electronic
Bitrate audio: VBR 128-192 kbps
Size: 72MB

About Moby:

DJ, musician and singer, Richard Hall Melvil, who in the world know and love as Moby, has announced the release of his next album. Work on a new conceptual disc, entitled "Wait For Me" has been completed and will appear on the shelves of music stores it at the end of June this year.

However, the entire music community right now is in anticipation of new masterpiece, because these days a musician told details of his exit.
The work on the thin disk Moby began about a year ago. A main source of inspiration, according to the stars, it has become for him, proclaimed a favorite director David Lynch at a ceremony awarding the prize the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. The meaning of his words was then that our days are too many creative people tend to obey the strong market pressures, together with its written and unwritten rules. Catches this message, old Moby in his new album in the literal sense, began to translate the idea into practice, to ignore the work on it from the surplus than the music itself.



1. Division 1:56
2. Pale Horses 3:37
3. Shot In The Back Of The Head 3:15
4. Study War 4:18
5. Walk With Me 4:01
6. Stock Radio 0:55
7. Mistake 3:47
8. Scream Pilots 2:48
9. JLTF 1 1:27
10.JLTF 4:40
11.A Seated Night 3:23
12.Wait For Me 4:13
13.Hope Is Gone 3:31
14.Ghost Return 2:38
15.Slow Light 4:00
16.Isolate 3:28


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