RapeLay Trainers

Here you can find rar arhive that contains 2 trainers for this game.
But the thing is, your Antivirus may think that these are Trojans but this is false warning.

The 2 trainers are:
Rapelay +12 Trainer.exe
RapeLay Anti Cum Trainer.exe
These trainers are from original rapelay 1.03 eng patch
I rared them and passworded the rar so Antivirus could not peek inside the archive.
If you want to use these, you need first to exclude the rapelay dir from your Antivirus scanning.
Copy the archive to RapeLay directory (where you installed the game) and unrar it.
Password: gamesms.us
Take it or leave it, it's all up to you

Download Original RapeLay English Game

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