Blood Bowl PSP

Football like you have never seen before as you play as either the orcs or as humans. Blood Bowl is developed by Cyanide Studio and published by Focus Home Interactive.
 Blood Bowl PSP Cover
Title: Blood Bowl
Year: 2009
Genre: Sports Simulation
Developer: Cyanide
Issued: Focus Home Interactive
Language: English 
image: ISO
Type: Full
Image size: 223MB
Size RAR: 78MB

Blood Bowl PSP Overview and Details:

American football, where the primary role played by orcs, goblins, humans and many other creatures. The most interesting is that the game actually is a real battle. Clothes - the protection of metal, the ball is covered with thorns, and the main weapon is your own fist.

Blood Bowl (PSP/2009/ENG) Screens
Blood Bowl (PSP/2009/ENG) Screens
Blood Bowl (PSP/2009/ENG) Screens

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