Download Firefox 3.5 with a great theme

Just downloaded Firefox 3.5 version and it seems to perform better than it's predecessors before it having said this, FoxWorld Theme For Firefox 3.5 go and download for yourself and surf with the new Fox very quick and responsive and the reason I prefer Firefox so much is because of it's add-ons. IE8 browser has a lot of good features to it but Firefox has the most add-ons I surf with IE8 sometimes but no browser can compete the many Firefox add-ons and that works best for me.

Download the new Firefox 3.5
Download FoxWorld theme

The FoxWorld theme is a great looking theme, I don't have but a few themes and this is one of them, so far it is my favorite 3.5 theme for Firefox and don't take my word for it go over and check it out yourself, happy surfing.

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