Pangya Fantasy Golf

PANGYA Golf makes its way to the PSP and features 18 playable characters and thousands of character and equipment customization options.

Pangya Fantasy Golf PSP Cover

Title: Pangya: Fantasy Golf
Year: 2009
Genre: 3D Sport Golf Japanese-style
Developer: Ntreev Soft
Issued: TOMY Corporation
Language: English
Type image: ISO
Publication Type: Full
Image size: 1.32GB
Size RAR: 460MB

Firmware Require: 5.00 M33-6

Pangya Fantasy Golf PSP Game Details and Review:

Serious golf has its place in the gaming world, but plenty of gamers would just as soon embrace the lighter, more fantastical side of it. And there have been many great but simple golf games over years, such as Mario Golf and Hot Shots. Following in their footsteps and with a few more tricks in its bag of clubs, is Pangya: Fantasy Golf for the PSP.

Based on one of the approximately 8,000,000 MMOs in Korea, Pangya plays a lot like other “simple” golf titles. Line up your shot, press the swing button three times quickly to determine power and accuracy, then watch your ball fly gracefully to the hole. It’s easy to figure out - mostly thanks to its similarity to other golf titles - and there are many factors that make each stroke different. Club choice, wind, rain and grass quality can all affect your game, which should mean plenty of depth for those who want to play more seriously



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