Qruton PSP [ENG/JPN]

Qruton PSP CoverOriginal title: Qruton
Developer: SCE Worldwide Studios JAPAN Studio
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
Genre: Puzzle
Language: English / Japanese
Publication Type: FULL
Type image: ISO
Image size: 133 MB
Firmware: 5.00M33-6


Qruton PSP Game Review and Details:

Sony unveiled today Qruton, a downloadable puzzle game that's being directed by Yasuhito Nagaoka and designed by Kaori Shinozaki. While now Sony Computer Entertainment Japan employees, these two previously worked at Namco, where they served the same roles on the original Mr. Driller.
In Qruton, you move a 4x4 cursor around a play field full of numbered blocks. Your goal is to rotate the blocks so that you get four like numbers together. When aligned this way, the group of four explodes. Put some thought into your patterns, and you could end up with chains of explosions.

Your goal, in addition to making huge explosion combos, is to help out your friend, who was turned into a monkey following your experiments with Qruton Cubes, the name the game gives to its numbered blocks. The connection with monkeys shouldn't be too much of a surprise, as Nagaoka previously served as a designer on Ape Escape 3.




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