Loco Mogul

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Build and run a Railroad!

Journey back in time to when steam locomotives ruled the rails. Play the role of a seasoned railroader as you try and build your own railroad empire, one track at a time.

Work through the territories the other railroad companies forgot, but be warned, each territory becomes increasingly more challenging.


Build the railroads. Run the trains. Make the profits.

Version 2.0 adds an easier learning curve, better help, solid gold cars, and more levels. This including 5 bonus levels and an unlock able, single-level sandbox mode, where anything could happen!


  • Explore the map and decide where to lay your tracks
  • Blow tunnels through mountains
  • Chop down trees to bridge rivers
  • Flatten hills for hidden surprises
  • Buy more powerful locomotives to increase your profits
  • Keep the cars moving to their destinations
  • Unlock the bonus levels and sandbox mode
  • 60-day, No-Questions-Asked, Money-Back Guarantee
  • Free access to the latest versions
  • And like all ApeZone games ... Endlessly Replayable

System Requirements: Windows 98SE/Me/XP/Vista, 750 MHZ Intel or AMD Processor.






Size: 25MB

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