PSP Custom Firmware 5.55 – OFW 5.55 MOD Download

Please make sure to follow all instruction carefully when updating your Playstation Portable Custom Firmware to avoid any issue or brick PSP .

Installation guide for PSP Custom Firmware 5.55 CFW PSP
- Copy the update folder in PSP-> GAME
- Create the eboot to 5.55 yourself with PBP unpacked by example and put it in the root of the memory renamed to 555.PBP otherwise it won’t work .
- Put the eboot of 5.00 and put it in the root renamed to 500.PBP .
- Run our software.

How to Use PSP Custom Firmware 5.55 – CFW 5.55 MOD
Do not press the first option (Install 5.00 M33) and to actually install the firmware 5.55 with the modules M33 and ipl, it would have a brick.
However, if you want to test the firmware 5.55 official press in the second option (Install 5.55 OFW) and this will install correctly.
With this DC OFW 5.55 can be installed in flash, and emulate 5.00 M33-4 from the memory stick.
If you want to have installed the 5.00 M33-4 in the flash, take the resurrection.prx of update folder and copy to TM-> DC8-> kd replacing by the existing one.
Then in the menu screen , select the option “Install 5.00 M33″

Download this file for free @ UseNeXT
Download Below

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