Mariana Rios – Mariana Rios 2009

 Mariana Rios – Mariana Rios 2009
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Mariana Rios is the eponymous debut of singer and actress Mariana Rios, Yasmin Malhação. Before the age of fifteen, Mariana was already singing with bands in bars in the city of Uberaba, at fifteen, she moved to Rio de Janeiro and graduated from the Art House of Orange, a singer-turned-actress to start their participation in the soap opera Malhação . Of the fifteen tracks on the album are just two of his own, "If it has Courage" and "50 Degrees". The first single will Insomnia soon to be launched in all radio stations in Brazil, promising great success.

01. Discurso
02. Tom Falso
03. Insônia
04. Apenas Um Sorriso
05. Realizar Você
06. Depressa
07. Branco Preto
08. Bom Começo
09. Te Ter Pra Que
10. Sólido
11. Eu Não Vou Te Deixar
12. Se Tiver Coragem
13. 50 Graus
14. Quebra Cabeça
15. fácil De Levar

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