Amanda Blank - I Love You

Amanda Blank - I Love You Full mp3

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01. Make It Take It
02. Something Bigger, Something Better
03. Make-Up
04. Gimme What You Got (Feat. Spank Rock)
05. Lemme Get Some (Feat. Chuck Inglish)
06. Shame On Me
07. A Love Song
08. DJ
09. Might Like You Better
10. Big Heavy
11. Leaving You Behind (Feat. Lykke)

Ever since Diplo and his larger Hollertronix collective started bringing fairly unvarnished versions of popular urban genres like crunk, Bmore club, and Miami bass to the discerning hipster elite, there's seemingly always been a steady undercurrent of backlash directed at the crew either on the grounds of lazy cultural appropriation or cynically ironic repackaging. To his credit, Diplo's always seemed like a genuine, serious student of his favorite sounds, and the tunes have been almost uniformly hot, so it was easy to accept not only an icon-in-her-own-right like M.I.A. but also a savvy chameleon like Santigold and even, to a degree, expertly crass party-starters like Spank Rock.

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