Quality: 256Kbps

Size: 96MB

01 - Katy Perry - Hot N Cold 03:41
02 - Kevin Rudolf feat. Lil Wayne - Let It Rock 03:54
03 - Flo Rida feat. Will.I.Am - In The Ayer 03:41
04 - Danny Fernandes - Fantasy 03:54
05 - State Of Shock - Best I Ever Had 03:45
06 - Hedley - Old School 03:41
07 - Saving Abel - Addicted 03:42
08 - Theory Of A Deadman - All Or Nothing 03:30
09 - Gavin Rossdale - Love Remains The Same 04:09
10 - Duffy - Mercy 03:40
11 - Deborah Cox - Beautiful U R 04:10
12 - Lil Wayne feat. Bobby Valentino and Kidd Kidd 04:47
- Mrs. Officer
13 - New Kids On The Block feat. Ne-Yo - Single 03:55
14 - Rihanna - Take A Bow 03:49
15 - Lady GaGa - Poker Face (Space Cowboy Remix) 04:55

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Size: 89.7MB
Format: .mp3
Quality: 192kbps


01. Shake Your Pom Pom
02. Ching A Ling
03. Ching A Ling ft. Jay-Z (Remix)
04. Take Away ft. Ginuwine
05. Crazy Feelings
06. Stickin’ Chickens ft Aaliyah
07. One Minute Man Remix ft. Jay-Z
08. Wiggle ft. Omarion
09. Big Nox ft. Nox
10. Let It Go (Remix) Keyshia Cole
11. Hot Boyz
12. All N My Grill Ft. Big Boi
13. Wake Up ft. Jay- Z
14. Is That Your Chick ft. Memphis Black
15. Bring The Pain ft. Method Man
16. Tambourine (Remix) ft. Fabolous
17. Religious Blessings

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Published by: Ubisoft
Developed by: Longtail Studios
Release Date: March 10, 2009
Genre: Simulation

Release Name: Greys.Anatomy-AVENGED
Filename: avd-gana
Size: 3.56 GB

Grey's Anatomy: The Video Game PC Details:

The doctors of Seattle Grace Hospital deal with life-or-death consequences on a daily basis -- it's in one another that they find comfort, friendship and, at times, more than friendship. Together they're discovering that neither medicine nor relationships can be defined in black and white. Real life only comes in shades of grey. In this all-new adventure based on the hit TV show, players interact with the well-known faces from the series as they move from critical medical operations to life-affirming romantic entanglements.

ESRB Rating: T for Alcohol Reference, Blood, Mild Language, Mild Violence, Sexual Themes
Genre: Simulation

General Features

  • Allows you to truly experience the world of Grey’s Anatomy through the eyes of a doctor, the hands of a surgeon, the mind of a professional and the heart of a romantic.
  • Play as the Stars: For the first time ever, play as Meredith, Derek, Cristina or any of your favorite cast members, with 3-D character models based on the original TV actors' likenesses. See the state of Seattle Grace Hospital’s cast as it deals with one of the worst crises in the hospital’s history!
  • Influence the Storyline: Influence character dialogue and make critical decisions that affect the outcome of the storyline and the state of the hospital.
  • Perform Surgeries: Take hold of your mouse to perform multi-step surgeries as you tackle life or death situations in the operating room.
  • Accessible Gameplay: User-friendly interface and innovative gameplay allows players to easily enjoy the game.





Grey's Anatomy: The Video Game Screenshot

Grey's Anatomy: The Video Game Screenshot

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Pass : irfree.com

Artist: Avril Lavigne
Album: The Softer Side
Genre: Pop/Rock
Year: 2009
Format: .mp3
Bits: 192 VBR Kbps

01 - Avril Lavigne - When You´re Gone
02 - Avril Lavigne - Naked
03 - Avril Lavigne - Don´t Tell Me
04 - Avril Lavigne - Fall To Pieces
05 - Avril Lavigne - Nobody´s Home
06 - Avril Lavigne - Innocence
07 - Avril Lavigne - Mobile
08 - Avril Lavigne - I´m With You
09 - Avril Lavigne - Who Knows
10 - Avril Lavigne - Keep Holding On
11 - Avril Lavigne - Slipped Away
12 - Avril Lavigne - Knocking On Heavens Door (Live)
13 - Avril Lavigne - I Will Be
14 - Avril Lavigne - The Scientist - (Originally By Coldplay)
15 - Avril Lavigne - Why
16 - Avril Lavigne - Things I´ll Never Say (Live)

Size: 100MB

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Published by: Agetec / Sony Computer Entertainment
Developed by: SCEI
Release Date: December 6, 2005
Genre: Turn-Based RPG

Platform: SONY PlayStation Portable (PSP)
Format: .Cso
Genre: RPG
Language: Eng.
Game Size: 556 MB
Archive Size: 557 MB
Firmware Require: 3.90 M33-3

PoPoLoCrois PSP Game Details:

Sony Computer Entertainment's popular cel-shaded RPG series comes to the PlayStation Portable system with a return of the original adventures of Prince Pinon of the first and second PlayStation installments of the series, enhanced with new elements and updated details. Playing as Pietro, prince of the Popolocrois Kingdom, you head off on your first adventure in order to find a way to awaken your mom. Battles are now grided strategy, with you moving your party members in turn with enemies. In addition to standard attacks, magic attacks and character combination attacks, the game lets you summon beasts to help out. Dungeons also feature prominently in the game, requiring that you work through traps when not in battle.

ESRB Rating: E for Fantasy Violence
Genre: Turn-Based RPG

Exclusively on PlayStation Portable





4% Added Recovery Record




4% Added Recovery Record

Published by: Warner Bros. Interactive
Developed by: Deadline Games
Release Date: March 4, 2009
Genre: Action

Size: 1.60 GB

Watchmen: The End is Nigh PC Game Details:

This action-brawler acts as the prequel to the story in the Watchmen graphic novels and movie. Taking place in an alternate history of the 1980s, the game stars the two masked vigilantes Rorschach and Nite Owl, and features a co-operative mode so that players can team up to beat down the bad guys. Watchmen: The End is Nigh will go beyond the film and delve into the characters, rivalries and challenges in a mature action-brawler. The game features bloody, visceral combat in rich settings while it explores the crime-fighting partnership of urban vigilantes Rorschach and Nite Owl.

ESRB Rating: M for Blood, Strong Language, Violence
Genre: Action

System Requirements:
Microsoft® Windows® XP SP1+ (32bit & 64bit), Vista SP1+ (32bit & 64bit) Processor: 1.8Ghz 64bit (dual core) Memory: 1 GB RAM Hard Disk Space: 2GB Available HDD Space Video Card: Geforce® 6 Series or greater, ATI Radeon™ x800 series or greater, shader 3.0 and 256MB video memory required Sound Card: DirectX® compatible sound card Internet Connection: Broadband internet Connection DirectX® Version: DirectX® 9.0c



Watchmen: The End is Nigh Screenshot Watchmen: The End is Nigh Screenshot Watchmen: The End is Nigh Screenshot http://i43.tinypic.com/1aebq.jpg

Download: Watchmen: The End is Nigh-Razor1911:

Release name: Watchmen_The_End_Is_Nigh-Razor1911
Size: 1.54 GB
Filename: rzr-wten
Language: ENG

Install Notes
1. Extract RARs
2. Mount or Burn image
3. Install the game
4. Use MultiLauncher.exe for playing
5. Have Fun!





Genre: Game Soundtrack
Audio Codec: MP3
Bit-rate audio: VBR 192-320 kbps

Disney Interactive Studios announced today a soundtrack filled with a wide variety of new artists ranging from house and electronic to hip-hop and metal for the upcoming game, PURE. PURE, the action sports video game featuring four-wheel vehicles was recently selected as the Best Racing Game of E3 2008 by the Game Critics Awards, the most prestigious awards for each year’s E3 Media & Business Summit.


Adam Freeland — Spin Machine
Blindside — For The Nation
Calyx & Teebee — Dual Processed feat MC Verse
Diet Kong — With Magic
DJ Hyper — We Control
Fred Baker — Genious Touch
Jeff Beck — Grease Monkey
Midfield General — On The Road
My Luminaries — Sound of Music
Noise Control — Cities of Dreams (Instrumental)
Pendulum — Granite
Pendulum — Showdown (Radial clean edit)
Pop Levi — Wannamama
Qemists — Drop Audio
Qemists — Stomp Box
Silvertone — Try
Tapeworm — Getting Through
The Answer — Into The Gutter
The Datsuns — Maximum Heartbreak
The Datsuns — Sittin' Pretty
The Futureheads — The Beginning of the Twist
The Music — Strength in Numbers
The Radishes — Good Machine
The Subways — Rock and Roll Queen
The Whigs — Need You Need You
Unknown — Late in The Day
Unknown — Mud Bath
We Are Scientists — In action
Wolfmother — Woman
Zero DB — Redline

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Published by: Crave Entertainment / CyberFront Corporation
Developed by: MagicPot
Release Date: December 6, 2005
Genre: Puzzle / Logic

Platform: SONY PlayStation Portable (PSP)
Format : .CSO
Genre: logic
Language: Eng.
Game Size: 60.3 MB
Archive size: 56.8 MB
Firmware: tested on 3.90 M33-3

Ultimate Block Party PSP Game Details:

Based on an arcade game of the same name, your goal in Ultimate Block Party is to eliminate blocks from a board by grouping like-colors together. You can rotate groups of four blocks left and right. Lining up four pieces of the same color makes the pieces disappear from the board. As the four pieces are disappearing, you can continue connecting more pieces to the group, adding to a growing chain of piece annihilation. You can add an additional row with a quick button press (this is an advanced technique for those who don't have enough pieces to make combos), although rows are also added automatically as time progresses. If your stack of blocks hits the top of the screen, you lose!

This game was released as Kollon in Japan for the PSP launch. For later the US edition, the anime-styled game was improved with wireless play for 2 players (by developer ArtDink, from MagicPot's original Japanese/Korean version.) Also features 8 characters as well as VS CPU, Campaign and Tutorial modes.

Genre: Puzzle

Exclusively on PlayStation Portable

General Features

    Several modes of play: single player, multiplayer, campaign, arcade, and versus; Different characters; Three levels of difficulty when playing against the computer AI.


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Artist: V.A
Title: Electronic Kompost 01
Label: AU Records
Cat.#: AUEK 01
Format: Unmixed
Style: Electro House / Progressive
Rip Date: 07.03.2009
Quality: 320 kbps / 44.1KHz / Full Stereo
Tracks: 11
Total Time: 148:54 min
Size: ~202MB


01. alexx wolfe - 200 birds (seductions remix)
02. alexx wolfe - 200 birds (unik 8am mix)
03. mossy - unmuted city (original mix)
04. mossy - unmuted city (ines duarte remix)
05. mossy - light granade (original mix)
06. mossy - light granade (unik edit)
07. taf - 3 tears filipa (rebelos unreleased mix)
08. taf - 3 tears broken (theorys unreleased mix)
09. taf - 3 tears jay lux (unreleased mix)
10. diogo menasso - redbull stylish (original mix)
11. over8 - old hide out (original mix)

Download:" Electronic Kompost 01 (2009) "

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Title: Fate/stay Night
Release date: 30/1/2004
Game size: 1.5 GB
Language: English
The content on this page features adult material and is inappropriate for minors in certain countries. By clicking on the show full post, you agree that you are either 18 or at an appropriate age for your specified country. (we aren’t responsible about anything).

Fate/Stay Night (フェイト/ステイナイト) PC Game Details:

Japanese eroge visual novel game created by Type-Moon, which was originally released on January 30, 2004, for the PC. It has been adapted into an anime television series, which was animated by Studio Deen and aired between January 6, 2006, through June 16, 2006.
The official announcement and teaser trailer of the anime were first shown at the Rondo Robe 2005 "-Gate to Date-" event in Japan on June 26, 2005, and a curtain-raiser DVD was released in Japan during November 2005.
The story takes place in an ordinary Japanese town, Fuyuki City. Hidden from society, there has been a deadly war going on in this town. Seven sorcerers known as Masters summon a powerful familiar called Servants and they all fight each other till the last one. The last one is said to attain the Holy Grail which will grant them a wish. Only a few knows when this War started and what the Holy Grail is, but the war was about to begin again this year.
The main character is Emiya Shirou, who lost his parents in a fire and was adopted by a man who called himself a sorcerer. Admiring his step father, he has been training himself to be a sorcerer. However, he had no talent and he could barely use one type of sorcery. His step father has already passed away, and today he's a sorcerer without any skills or knowledge. He is involved in the War of the Holy Grail when he accidentally summons Saber, who is said to be the strongest servant of all...


Fate/stay night English Patch v3.2

voice file, to add voice to the game just select the file while installing the English patch:
Password: leonidaster-rapture

censor removing patch:

i found a forum made Discussion and Faq about the game:

Developer: Illusion
Publisher: Illusion
Release date: April 22,2005
Genre: 3D fighter
Mode: Single player & Two Players
The content on this page features adult material and is inappropriate for minors in certain countries. By clicking on the show full post, you agree that you are either 18 or at an appropriate age for your specified country. (we aren’t responsible about anything).

Battle Raper 2 PC Game Details:

Battle Raper is a 3D fighting game in which the objective is to strip, grope, and sometimes actively rape the female characters, including a special move by the boss character and only male fighter where the female opponent is forced to perform fellatio as the camera zooms in. Like in most Hentai games, however, the penis is rendered invisible or transparent. There is also a feature in the game which allows the player to have sex with the female characters.

The year is 20XX A.D. Yuuki goes to an island in search of the symbol element of the power of god. The Eisen Kreuz guild, Arcana clan, and Osei clan are also in search of this element. A shiki attacks Yuuki when he gets on the island. And then he meet the guild and the clan. After meeting them he travels with one of the three clans. He fights the rival female characters against him. Yayoi gets attacked by Mukuro Gyoubu and Yuuki defends her. At the end he finds out that she had the element of the power of god.




pass: www.cw-network.info

Published by: Illusion Software
Developed by: Illusion Software
Released: 25 Nov 2005
Platform: Windows
Warning: this is for 18 of age you don't have the right to download it!
we are not responsible about anything.

Oppai Slider 2 (おっぱいスライダー2) PC Game Info:

The game consist of three characters a sailor, a nurse, and a maid. Each character has a corresponding background such as a pool, hospital room, and a part of a house. The player gets to choose from multiple male avatars and sometimes a female avatar which would be in blue. Each character has two storylines in their respective environments.
The game play is based around the two mouse buttons and the mouse wheel. The other keys in the game are F1 which are the options and the quit menu, F2 shows the possible storyline paths, F3 shows the map of where items are, and F4 shows which part of the female character the player can interact with. The player starts with one of the characters and is first able to modify the clothing, areola color, breast position, and nipple shape. Unlike previous Illusion soft games the clothes opacity can be modified instead of the style. The player is limited to modifying the clothes to 50% opacity when he starts out. If the player chose a female avatar, the player is able to modify her breast size. When the player enters the environment, the objective is to progress through one of the two three-part storylines. There are two camera modes on the top right corner of the screen which is the female camera (in pink) and the players camera (in blue). The two storylines is dependant on the avatar the player chooses. To progress on the storyline the player must find items in the environment and use them on the female character in a sexual manner. The player is also able to perform various acts of foreplay on the female character. Once the player goes to one of the endings the story part is saved. The different sex positions, actions, and the endings are also saved on a H memory list.
In the second mode of play you are able to choose from the H memory or a posing feature. In H memory mode you are able to choose sex positions and actions you achieved in the six storyline. The player is able to perform a majority of hardcore sex acts in different positions. More positions are unlocked through the different storymodes. This feature also allows you to view the endings that you have achieved. In the mode with the posing feature, the player is able to pose a female in different positions. Aside from adjusting clothes and breasts, the player is also able to adjust the female characters eye expression, facial features, head rotation, eye rotation, background and pose.
Character profile: the sailor
The nurse is sleeping, and you are lifting her skirt. Several possibilities to interact with her breasts.

GameSMS's Free Full Downloads

Other Info

Download Content:
Oppai 2 full game (iso file)
Animation Updater
Character updater
update 1.06 (with new high resolution textures, uncensorship, English patch, save files, new exe file).
Microsoft Applelocale

Artist: George Michael
Album Name: Ladies And Gentlemen
Genre: POP
Year: 1998
Label: Sony BMG
Size: 228MB
Format: .mp3
Quality: 224Kbps

This collection with thirteen hits the solo career of George Michael (ex-Wham!) Brings both music and dancing, the two strengths of the singer. To dance, you'll find Freedom 90, Killer / Papa Was A Rolling Stone, Too Funky and Faith. For the romantic moments, Father Figure and Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me (with participation of Elton John) are good background music.


CD 1
1. Jesus To A Child
2. Father Figure
3. Careless Whisper
4. Dont´t Let The Sun Go Down On Me (Com Elton John)
5. You Have Been Loved
6. Kissing A Fool
7. I Can´t Make You Love Me
8. Heal The Pain
9. A Moment With You
10. Desafinado (Com Astrud Gilberto)
11. Cowboys And Angels
12. Praying For Time
13. One More Try
14. A Different Corner

CD 2
1. Outside
2. As (Com Mary J. Blige)
3. Fastlove
4. Too Funky
5. Freedom 90
6. Star People 97
7. Killer / Papa Was A Rollin´ Stone
8. I Want Your Sex (Part 2)
9. The Strangest Thing 97
10. Fantasy
11. Spinning The Weel
12. Waiting For The Day
13. I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) (Com Aretha Franklin)
14. Faith
15. Somebody To Love (Com Queen)

Full and Free Download from GameSMS




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