After a long silence from Microsoft about Windows 7 RC release date and public download, Windows 7 RChere is  interesting news come out today. Several users from Windows7center and sevenforums has spotted Windows 7 Release Candidate download page scheduled for May 5 on Microsoft Partner Program website. As per that page, every one should be able to download Windows 7 RC on May 5, 2009 which is way ahead of expected date.

Later on that page found to be accidental post and got confirmed that Windows 7 RC (Release Candidate) will not be available for download to Microsoft TechNet and MSDN subscribers but it is available only to the Microsoft OEM partners such as Dell, Siemens (Microsoft Gold Partners).

We don’t have any information or confirmation from any of Gold Partners about availability of Windows 7 RC for download. The mystery of windows 7 RC build number still continues, only time will tell what will be Windows 7 RC Build number.

Windows 7 RC Download Page

Windows 7 RC Download Page

Until now, a lot of Windows 7 RC builds have been making appearances at Torrent sites but as everyone knows, they all were fake. However, the Windows 7 RC build leaked out to torrents today with the build string 7100.0.winmain_win7rc pretty much seems to be the real deal.

Just head over to TPB and search for “Windows 7 RC (build 7100)” to download the appropriate build that works on your PC (x86 or x64) or simply download this zipped file with torrents. Once the ISO has been downloaded, simply burn it to a disc and make use of the key that came with Windows 7 beta to activate and use the OS.

Playboy USA cover may 09

Nº of Pages: 112

Size: 32 MB

Format: .pdf

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Nº of pages: 44

Size: 41MB

Format: pdf

I put this issue of PC Gamer up front this week because it's the first one to really have the imprint, the impact, the sheer force of a Gary Steinman applied to it. His biggest move: Get rid of the columns in the back of the book and throw the resulting free space into the features and front-of-the-book well, both of which are quite a bit larger this time around.

The "Eyewitness" bit up front reminds me a lot of what you see in the British PC mags nowadays, with a mix of amusing little pieces, interviews with quirky gentlemen (such as the creator of de_dust), first-look previews, and so forth. I like it a great deal. The actual preview well is the same as always -- ok-looking, but the new design is a bit same-y across the pages -- and the features (including a roundup of non-WOW MMOs to try and a top-49 list of game studios) and longform reviews are great as always.

Basically, the editorial got rid of the part of the mag that I'm guessing the fewest people read regularly and used those resources on the bits it wants to push harder instead. I can totally buy into this, and I think it makes for a better magazine. The best US PC game mag, in fact, assuming there was some other US PC game mag to compare it with these days.

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We want to relax, to relax from everyday life?
Include this collection and enjoy life!

Artist: V.A
Year: 2009
Genre: Ambient / Relax
Tracks: 20
Quality: Mp3/192kbs/Join-Stereo
Duration: 01:14:37
Size: 98MB



01 Lexo - Toraccia Del Mar
02 7.M - Jeremiah's Days
03 Lexo - Tuesday in Tunisia
04 Lexo - Adenys Del Mar
05 Wakoo - Terre
06 Hayat and Itah - Your Paradise
07 Kate Mandu - Digital Rock
08 Hayat and Itah - Who I Am
09 Seven Smilies - Pastime Rim
10 Dj Ridoo - Tribal Flute
11 Wakoo - Pole
12 Jack Clousseau - China Express
13 Lexo - Yspaluim
14 7.M - Skunky
15 Francky T Feat Ysah Eyres - Chimere
16 Mondo Wells - Lover Man
17 Mondo Wells - Supa Mega Sopan
18 The Charmers - On the Beatch
19 Jack Clousseau Vs Alma Ritano - La Luna
20 Jack Clousseau Vs Alma Ritano - Santa Maria

Download Free VA – The best of relaxation (2009)

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Artist: V.A
Title Of Album: Yes Man (OST)
Year Of Release: 2008
Label: Lakeshore Records
Genre: Soundtrack
Bit-rate: 177kbps avg / 44.1kHz / Joint Stereo
Total Time: 00:41:30
Total Size: 53.04 MB



1. Eels - Man Up 3:57
2. Eels - Bus Stop Boxer 3:44
3. Eels - To Lick Your Boots 3:29
4. Eels - The Good Old Days 3:03
5. Eels - The Sound Of Fear 3:33
6. Eels - Wooden Nickels 2:54
7. Eels - Flyswatter 3:18
8. Eels - Blinking Lights (For Me) 1:59
9. Eels - Somebody Loves You 3:04
10. Munchausen By Proxy - Sweet Ballad (feat. Zooey Deschanel & Von Iva) 2:53
11. Munchausen By Proxy - Uh-Huh (feat. Zooey Deschanel & Von 3:14
12. Munchausen By Proxy - Keystar (feat. Zooey Deschanel & Von 3:11
13. Munchausen By Proxy - Yes Man (feat. Zooey Deschanel & Von 3:11

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Director of Playstation Network Operations, Eric Lempel, posted an article titled "PSP Firmware (v5.50) Update" On the official Playstation site. Some of the new features are as such:
1. Memory Stick Improvement
2. Internet Search For Game Directly From The XMB
3. Trend Micro Trial


Hi everyone, the next system software update (v5.50) for PSP (PlayStation Portable) will be available

soon, and I wanted to provide you all with a preview of some of the key features.

Eric Lempel's Avatar


read full article here

YouTube has once again been blocked by the Government of China and therefore users in China are unable to access or watch videos on the popular video sharing website.

We have got a couple of hacks which might help users from China in unblocking and accessing YouTube in their region. Some of these hacks and tricks have gone obsolete with time but most of them still do work.

Most effective of all remains the FreedomStick project which is basically a collection of pre-installed software that can be mounted on any USB flash drive and can be used to bypass any sort of firewall.

The FreedomStick project is specially focused towards helping users in China in bypassing the great Internet firewall which filters all traffic and information.

vTunnel, on the other hand, provides an in-browser proxy solution to access YouTube behind any firewall and watch videos. It is highly recommended for its good performance and high-speed streaming.

Also, UltraSurf is another light software proxy client along with some other free tools to bypass Internet firewalls.

Download UltraSurf 9.4

Download UltraSurf Add-on for Mozilla Firefox

Unzip it, drag the wjbutton_en.xpi file to firefox window. Click the "Install" button in the pop-up window to install it. The UltraSurf icon will show at the right-bottom of the firefox window. Close all firefox windows and re-open firefox.
A grey-out UltraSurf icon means UltraSurf is disabled. A bright colorful icon means UltraSurf is enabled. Click it to enable/disable it. To change the settings or uninstall it, go to "tools/add-ons" of firefox.

For quite a different scenario, HotSpot Shield can be used to access Internet over a private VPN.

And if you know the URL of a video on YouTube, simply head over to Keepvid to download a copy of it locally to your computer and watch it without any restrictions.

I recommend UltraSurf its really help and i test it with my friends in China by Remote Access give you good results

The Zune HD has been in the headlines ever since Engadged leaked the images from its promotional campaign. Even though leaks about some new gadgets spur a lot of excitement, they come with a fare share of false rumors that are disappointing and sometimes, plain absurd. This usually only happened with Apple products like the iPhone or the iPod Touch, but this time - to everyone's surprise - Microsoft's well underplayed portable media player managed to steal the spotlight.

We thought it would be a good idea to gather all the floating news and rumors about the still unconfirmed device and try to get the facts straight.




First of all, the device is real, and its coming somewhere between the third and fourth quarters of 2009. A mere glimpse of the hardware would reveal that Microsoft intend it to be a direct competitor to the iPod Touch. The Zune HD appears to have a capacitance 16:9 OLED Touchscreen which appears to be greater than 3 inches. However, there is no confirmation that the screen is Multi-touch. From the currently available images, it only seems to have one physical button bellow the touch screen.

The device is powered by the NVIDIA Tegra platform, which fuel its HD capabilities. The platform is known to allow simultaneous playback of HD content, while still being able to drive and LCD display of 1280x1024 resolution, which is also evident by the visible HDMI port on the left side of the device. Though the Tegra platform does support a digital camera of up 12MP, the backside of the device clearly shows that there isn't any camera on board. Though there appears to be a button on the lower back, which suggests that it may feature a removable battery.

The user interface in the screenshot looks a lot like the Zune's original interface, which is kinda surprising for me. If Microsoft plans to take Zune HD head to head with the iPod Touch, it shouldn't be using the tailored version of Windows Embedded.

The user interface pretty much looks like the Zune's, which is a bit surprising for me. If the device is going to compete with the iPod Touch, then it should be using a newer, more flexible operating system instead of Zune tailored Windows Embedded OS. Probably something in the line of Windows Mobile tailored for the Zune platform would be nice. Also the Zune Marketplace should be revamped to support applications, or merged with the Windows Mobile Marketplace. The device is said to have a web browser, with a rumored multi-touch support. It isn't clear that whether it would be a new browser, or a port of Internet Explorer for Mobile.


The hardware specifications aren't available yet, but it is widely believed that the player would be available in configurations ranging from 4GB to 32GB. There are also strong rumors that it would support Xbox games. Though it is pretty hard to believe or comment on right now, the rumors perfectly fall in line with Microsoft's Live Anywhere initiative - where it wanted to bring ubiquitous Xbox Live Gaming service to the PC, Cellphone and its other handheld devices. Back in its early days, Zune was believed to be a handheld gaming device by Microsoft. It looks like Microsoft is fully capable of making that a reality right now going head to head with Nintendo and Sony in the handheld gaming market.

The Zune HD is expected to see international release around the fourth quarter of 2009. Microsoft is taking a shot at Apple in a yet another market dominated by its iPod family. Will Microsoft succeed is hard to tell but they certainly got the formula right this time. Though no Apple device is HD capable yet, we can expect surprises from Cupertino, Cali based company when they unveil there new line of devices at the Worldwide Developer Conference.

Name: Real Madrid: The Game [MULTI5][PSP][EUR]
Year: 2009
Genre: Sport
Developer: Virgin Play
Issued: Virgin Play
Language: English
Type image: ISO
Publication Type: Full
Image size: 629 MB
RAR Size: 248 MB (Added +3% Recovery)


Real Madrid: The Game Review

Real Madrid: The Game will offer a unique game where the player takes on the role of a rising football star from the beginning of his career to winning the league with Real Madrid. The experience will not just be on the pitch but in life as well - from relationships to wardrobe; training to parties. It will give the football fan the exciting opportunity to craft the career of a professional player as they see fit, and reap the rewards of playing and choosing well.
Real Madrid: The Game will deliver the player the full experience of being a professional footballer, not just the experience on the pitch, but in life as a whole. We follow the meteoric rise of a talented but unknown player into a Real Madrid superstar, both on and off the pitch.
Can you live life as a superstar? With all the glamour and the potential agonies that are part of the greatest game on earth?

Special Features

  • Absolutely innovative game concept which incorporates a mix of genres (RPG / Arcade / Simulation)
  • Very complete game content as it enables the player to live a "real life" in both personal (shopping, flirting...) and professional (training, press interviews...)
  • Self personalisation, evolution and handling of your character throughout the season
  • Official game of the one of biggest football brands in the world
  • Real Madrid: The Game adds original elements such as the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium and Ciudad Deportiva de Valdebebas (Training Ground)



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