In less than a month, Nintendo is releasing something that will completely alter how the Wii works. The Wii Remote has caused more headaches and has featured more problems than any controller in recent memory. Those times are going to change.


If you own the Wii, or even if you have just played it at a friend’s house, you are well aware of the problems that Wii Remote's face. The sensor gets blocked and the controller is useless. And if the sensor isn’t blocked?

Sometimes it’s still useless.

More often than not, it is acting up. It won’t pick up slight movements and sometimes it won’t register your movement at all. It has been a debacle and a subject of complaint since Wii’s inception. So it’s no surprise that Nintendo took notice of its customer’s gripes. Check it out.

New album Eminem in high best quality! + 2 bonus tracks and photo album!

Artist: Eminem
Album: Relapse [Deluxe Edition]
Genre: Rap, Hip Hop
Year of the disc: 2009
Disc Manufacturer: U.S.A.
Format | Quality: MP3 | 320 kbps
Duration: 01:35:24
Size: 190MB


01 Dr. West (Skit) 01:29
02 3am 05:20
03 My Mom 05:20
04 Insane 03:01
05 Bagpipes From Baghdad 04:43
06 Hello 04:08
07 Tonya (Skit) 00:43
08 Same Song & Dance 04:08
09 We Made You 04:30
10 Medicine Ball 03:57
11 Paul (Skit) 00:19
12 Stay Wide Awake 05:20
13 Old Time’s Sake f. Dr. Dre 04:35
14 Must Be The Ganja 04:03
15 Mr. Mathers 00:42
16 Deja Vu 04:43
17 Beautiful 06:32
18 Crack A Bottle f. Dr. Dre & 50 Cent 04:58
19 Steve Berman (Skit) 01:29
20 Underground/Ken Kaniff 06:19
21 My Darling (Bonus Track) 05:20
22 Careful What You Wish For (Bonus Track) 03:47

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Evolving the shooter genre with its unique and exhilarating combination of fluid action and combat, Damnation will feature huge, open environments, frenetic combat, daredevil acrobatics and high-octane vehicle-based stunts.
Published by: Codemasters
Developed by: Blue Omega Entertainment
Release Date: May 22, 2009
Genre: First-Person Shooter  
Platform: PC

Damnation PC Game Review and Info:

Evolving the shooter genre with its unique and exhilarating combination of fluid action and combat, Damnation will feature huge, open environments, frenetic combat, daredevil acrobatics and high-octane vehicle-based stunts. Presenting players with an intense test of reflexes, quick thinking and rapid-fire conflict, Damnation will feature vast, breathtaking landscapes, each covering miles of distance and thousands of vertical feet.
Billed as a 'shooter gone vertical' and visually inspired by iconic elements of American history, these massive streaming landscapes will form the battlegrounds for a post-industrial conflict between humanity and an unstoppable arms dealer hell-bent on total world domination.
Players will be able to choose their own paths and navigate the world by performing daredevil feats on the edge of human ability. However players aren't the only ones with mind-blowing acrobatic skills; intelligent enemies will give chase and engage players in frantic gun fights and attacks that can come from any direction – in Damnation's world there's no safe place to hide.
  • With up to three hours of actual gameplay stretching out in front of them per level, players will need more than just muscle power to get across each level safely. Damnation will offer players a selection of awe-inspiring vehicles, from motorbikes capable of launching across seemingly infinite chasms, to huge, armour-piercing marvels that will induce mayhem with every huge shell.
  • The high action will be supported with an epic and in-depth story which, while focusing on the exploits of the hero character Rourke, is truly an ensemble piece. Players will meet and become involved in intricate story plots that reveal much more than the obvious.
the game’s expansive levels.
ESRB Rating: M for Blood and Gore, Language, Violence
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Also Available On: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Minimum system requirements:
-Operating system: Windows XP / Vista
-Processor: 2.8 Ghz Pentium or AMD ™ equivalent
-RAM: 1 GB
-Place on a hard drive: 10 GB
-Sound device: compatible with DirectX
-Video card: GeForce 7600 / Radeon X1300 or above

Damnation (2009/ENG/MULTI5)Damnation (2009/ENG/MULTI5)
Damnation (2009/ENG/MULTI5)Damnation (2009/ENG/MULTI5)

Damnation-RELOADED Release:

        06/2009 :..... RELEASE.DATE .. PROTECTION .......: Securom
              1 :.......... DISC(S) .. GAME.TYPE ........: Shooter

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Other Info

Title: Counter-Strike Source
Category: Action/Shooter/1st Person
Year: 2006
Language: ENG
Platform: Windows XP, 98, 2000
File format: exe + rar
File Size: 2GB



Install Note:

after extracting. Install and run. Exe - now on your PC is Counter-strike source with latest patch, mode and new weapons added to the working game server, more than 700 servers. Anti cheat for them too. connect and play online.

System requirements:
Minimum: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP; CPU 1.2 GHz; 512 Mb; Videos 128 Mb.
Recommended: CPU 2.4 GHz; 1024 Mb; 256 MB Video.


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Artist: Prodigy
Album: Ultimate P
Genre: Hip-Hop
Release Date: 2009
Number of tracks: 34
Format: MP3
Bit-rate: 152 kbps
Time Sound: 75 min
Size: 84 MB



01. Prodigy - Intro
02. Mobb Deep - Bidadidat
03. Prodigy - People Talkin (Jay-Z Diss)
04. Prodigy - Hood Rich
05. Prodigy - So Ill
06. Prodigy - Dissin 1 (Interlude)
07. Mobb Deep - Know The Game (Frankie Cutlass Remix) Ft. M.O.P
08. Mobb Deep - Okay Dunn (Produced By Clinton Sparks)
09. Prodigy - Mobb Run The Rap Game
10. Prodigy - Power Rap Freestyle
11. Prodigy - Heads Off Ft. E-Money Bags
12. Mobb Deep - The Code Part II Ft. Tragedy Khadafi
13. Prodigy - Sold My Soul Ft. Twin Gambino
14. Prodigy - Three Stacks Ft. Twin Gambino
15. Prodigy - Interlude
16. Mobb Deep - Project Niggas Ft. Young Buck
17. Prodigy - Walk With A Shotgun Ft. Illa Ghee
18. Prodigy – Interlude

01. Mobb Deep - The Gold
02. Prodigy - Straight Murda Ft. 50 Cent
03. Prodigy - Sleep When I'm Dead
04. Mobb Deep - Somebody Be Dead
05. Prodigy - Murda Murda Ft. Tony Yayo
06. Prodigy - Got Got
07. Prodigy - Interview (Interlude)
08. Prodigy - That Go Ft. Keak Da Sneak
09. Prodigy - I Betcha Ft. Kokane
10. Mobb Deep - We Don't Love Them
11. Prodigy - Interlude
12. Prodigy - Dissin 2 (Interlude)
13. Mobb Deep - It's Ya Birthday Ft. Twin Gambino
14. Prodigy - Serial Killer Ft. 50 Cent And 40 Glocc
15. Mobb Deep - U All Right
16. Mobb Deep – Freeway

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Year: 2009
Genre: Arcade / Logic
Developer & Publisher: Blue Monkey Studios
Platform: PC
Release date: May 1, 2009
RAR Recovery: 5%
Language: English
Size: 475.03 Mb

The Humans PC Game Review and Download:

Once upon a prehistoric time: the player's mission is to guide The Humans to help them solve the quests that they are set at the beginning of each of the puzzle festooned levels. To do this, the people must all pull together; the player must plan ahead carefully. Assign tasks to The Humans in your tribe. Guide The Humans using strategy and guile in order to avoid the deadly hazards and co-inhabitants of The Humans world. Add to the perils a race against the clock and this imaginative puzzle game will entertain and bemuse the strategist in the player.

Logo of The Humans (PC)
The game environments are charged with atmosphere and populated with more than 14 different characters, from hostile tribal brothers to sabre-toothed tigers, from mammoths to the dreaded T-Rex. Our human ancestors must prevail in eight worlds with a total of 80 levels, while following the course of evolution! As the game progresses, they will discover the most significant inventions in the history of mankind: fire, the wheel, and even weapons. And one thing is certain: there will be no lack of humor in The Humans!


Punkt80 levels in 8 different designed worlds

PunktA large assortment of items and interactive objects

PunktEnhanced character functionality, reinforced by smooth, entertaining animation

PunktA large variety of npc types like evil tribe members and dinosaurs

PunktProgression and challenging gameplay, combining character skills, object interaction and clever, well thought out puzzles.

System requirements:
* Operating system Microsoft ® Windows ® XP SP2/Vista
* Processor Pentium ® 4 1.5 GHz or equivalent Athlon ® XP
* 256 MB RAM
* 700 MB free hard disk space
* 3D-video adapter with memory 128 MB compatible with DirectX ® 9.0c (GeForce FX5200 or Radeon 9600)
* The sound device compatible with DirectX ® 9.0c
* DirectX ® 9.0s
* Your CD-ROM drive



The HumansThe HumansThe Humans
The HumansThe HumansThe Humans
The HumansThe Humans

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Artist: OST
Album: Warhammer 40 000: Dawn of War 2. Soundtrack
Year: 2009
Genre: Soundtrack
Running time: 38 min
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 195 MB


01 There Is Only War (opening title)
02 Angels Of Death (Space Marine Theme)
03 Primarch's Honour
04 No Mercy No Respite
05 March Of The Waaagh! (Ork Theme)
06 Purge The Xeno Scum
07 Forged In Battle
08 Ancient Rites (Eldar Theme)
09 The Green Horde Rises
10 Khaine's Wrath
11 Attack Of The Heretics
12 Xeno Presence (Tyranid Theme)
13 For The Craftworld
14 They Come In Waves And We Push Them Back
15 The Great Devourer
16 To Battle Brothers
17 Hunting The Hive Tyrant
18 The Emperor's Victory
19 Show Me What Passes For Music Among Your Misbegotten Kind (credits roll)
20 Meridian Nights (Noobie's Grim Dark Future Remix)

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Exclusive to the PSP, this remix of the hit Rock Band features a number of features familiar to Rock Band fans and also offers full access to DLC via the in-game store.
Published by: MTV Games / Electronic Arts
Developed by: Backbone Entertainment
Release Date: June 9, 2009
Genre: Music
Language: English
Type image: .ISO
Full Size: 1.25 GB

Rock Band: Unplugged PSP Game Review and Download:

The first ever portable version of the popular music and gaming experience, this remix of the hit Rock Band features a number of features familiar to Rock Band fans and also makes use of the PSP's Wi-Fi capabilities as well as offers full access to DLC via the in-game store.
ESRB Rating: T for Lyrics, Suggestive Themes
Genre: Music
Exclusively on PlayStation Portable
General Features
  • World Tour: Customize your band and head out on a world tour through 24 cities and venues.
  • Build Your Library: Expand your portable music library with DLC from the in-game Rock Band Music Store.
  • Quickplay: Pick a song and jam, or choose a set list to play multiple tracks in a row.
  • Features Over 40 Original Master Recordings: Includes tracks from rock & roll's biggest acts of all time, including Nirvana, The Police, Weezer, The Who, Boston, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam and more.



Rock Band Unplugged Screenshot  Rock Band Unplugged Screenshot
 Rock Band Unplugged Screenshot

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Size: 1.25GB

Other Info

Based on the upcoming “Terminator Salvation” film, the game offers players the chance to assume the role of John Connor, a soldier in the resistance, battling for survival against the far superior forces of Skynet.

Published by: Evolved Games / Equity Games Productions (EGI)
Developed by: GRIN
Release Date: May 19, 2009
Genre: Third-Person Shooter


The Terminator 4: Salvation -- The Videogame PC Review and Download:

the videogame, based on the upcoming Terminator Salvation film from Warner Bros. Pictures and Sony Pictures, players assume the role of John Connor, a soldier in the resistance, battling for survival against the far superior forces of Skynet.
Terminator Salvation the videogame is an intense action-packed third-person shooter featuring concentrated armed combat against all of the Skynet enemies from the film and new killer machines specifically designed for the game. Taking place two years before the events of the upcoming film set in a post apocalyptic, decimated Los Angeles, players will be lead through a visceral, story and character driven gaming experience.
Featuring intense third-person action, Terminator Salvation the videogame will take combat to the next level with iconic enemies, cinematic fight sequences and advanced weaponry, drawn directly from the film, as well as an innovative, multi-layered cover mechanic.

  • New Installment of Terminator Mythology: Set two years prior to the upcoming Terminator Salvation film, players will get the opportunity to be John Connor for the first time and continue the epic fiction of the Terminator mythology.
  • Unrelenting Intelligent Robotic Enemies: Unrelenting and incredibly resilient iconic enemies from the Terminator franchise fight to the bitter end on land and in the sky. Designed to pursue the player by any means necessary, damaged or broken enemies will literally claw their way forward to inflict harm.
  • Advanced Destructible Cover Gameplay: Terminator Salvation – The Videogame will incorporate advanced cover mechanics which allows players to use the destructible environment as protection and strategically navigate through enemy entrenched territory. The cover mechanic’s multi-faceted design changes the way “cover” gameplay is executed.
  • Diverse Array of Advanced Weaponry: The player has access to a wide array of weapons including shotguns, fully automatic machine guns, huge mounted weaponry, grenades, rocket-launchers and even a plasma firing Skynet tank.
  • Rugged Armored Vehicles Gun Fights: Pursue, attack, or evade enemies through post-apocalyptic environments on foot or inside rugged armored vehicles in extremely kinetic and extensive cinematic gun battles.

Full Box:

Terminator Salvation (2009/RUS/MULTI10/Рабочая версия)

Minimum system requirements:
• OS: Windows XP SP2 / Windows Vista
• Processor: Pentium Dual Core E2180 (2 GHz) / AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200 + (2.2 GHz)
• Memory: 1 GB
• Hard Drive: 8 + GB Free
• Video Memory: nVidia GeForce 8 series / AMD Equivalent (Shader Model 3.0)
• Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound cards
• DirectX: 9.0c
• Keyboard & Mouse
• DVD Rom Drive

Recommended system requirements:
• OS: Windows Vista
• Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 (2.83 GHz) / AMD Equivalent
• Memory: 2 GB
• Hard Drive: 8 + GB Free
• Video Memory: NVIDIA GeForce series 200 / AMD equivalent (Shader Model 3.0 +)
• Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound cards
• DirectX: 9.0c
• Keyboard & Mouse
• DVD Rom Drive
• Controller support: Microsoft X360 USB game pad preferred




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1. Emulate Iso
2. Extract mini-image from CRACK.rar
3. Copy from the YASU.exe archive to DAEMON installation folder
4. Mount image (from the CRACK archive) in Daemon Tools (use 4.30.4 or later)
5. in Daemon Go to Preferences-> Advanced and check all the options available (SafeDisc, Securom, etc.).
6. Run YASU.exe
7. Start The Game from TerminatorSalvation.exe

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The Sims 3 lets you immerse truly unique Sims in an open, living neighborhood just outside their door! The freedom of The Sims 3 will inspire you with endless possibilities and amuse you with unexpected moments of surprise and mischief.
Published by: Electronic Arts
Developed by: The Sims Studio
Release Date: June 2, 2009
Genre: Simulation | Download Size: 5.6GB 

The Sims 3 Review And Download!

The Sims return yet again in this third full evolution of the long-running and always-expanding sim series.
The Sims 3 allows you to immerse your unique Sims in an open living neighborhood right outside their door, interacting with other Sims using the new, deeper personality system. The game also allows you to customize anything, anywhere. From floors to flowers, fashions to sofas, wallpaper to window shades and more, The Sims 3 gives you all the flexibility and options you need to be the architect of your dream house or explore your interior design skills to outfit your ultimate home. Your Sims can make home an ultra-deluxe mansion, a cool bachelor pad, family's dream home or charming cottage. The choice is yours.
Logo of The Sims 3 (PC)
ESRB Rating: T for Violence, Crude Humor, Sexual Themes
Genre: Simulation

Also Available On: Macintosh, Wireless, iPhone

General Features
  • Create any Sims you can imagine and give them personalities! Design your ultimate Sim by choosing up to five traits and numerous body characteristics in the Create-a-Sim feature. Customize your Sims body type, facial features, hair styles, and more. Create an evil, handsome, ripped kleptomaniac that wreaks havoc on those around.
  • Control your Sims' destinies. From a rock star or world leader to an expert thief, you choose whether or not to pursue the Lifetime Wish of your Sim. Choose whether to fulfill their destiny, giving them a lifetime of happiness and rewards -- or not and be devious!
  • Customize everything! You are the designer! From clothing to houses, customize patterns, colors, or create any house you can imagine. Customize any aspect of your Sims' style ... even down to the style and color of their shoes!
  • Be the Director of your Sims' movies! Never before have you been able to make your own movie with a cast, a set, soundtrack, a story and editing without leaving the game. Now you can with the movie making mash up tool set. Make a movie and share it with the world!
  • Share like never before! Join The Sims 3 online community where you can show off your creations from Sims and houses to objects, movies, and more.

THE SIMS 3 System Requirements:

* Windows XP (Service Pack 2)
* 2.0 GHz P4 processor or equivalent
* 1 GB RAM
* At least 6.5 GB of hard drive space with at least 1 GB additional space for custom content
* 128 MB Video Card with support for Pixel Shader 2.0

* Windows Vista (Service Pack 1)
* 2.4 GHz P4 processor or equivalent
* 1.5 GB RAM
* At least 6.5 GB of hard drive space with at least 1 GB additional space for custom content
* 128 MB Video Card with support for Pixel Shader 2.0
For computers using built-in graphics chipsets, the game requires at least:
* Intel Integrated Chipset, GMA X3000 or above.
* 2.6 GHz Pentium D CPU, or 1.8 GHz Core 2 Duo, or equivalent
* 0.5 GB additional RAM

NVIDIA GeForce series
FX 5900, FX 5950
6200, 6500, 6600, 6800,
7200, 7300, 7600, 7800, 7900, 7950
8400, 8500, 8600, 8800
9600, 9800, GTX 260, GTX 280

ATI Radeon™ series
9500, 9600, 9800
X300, X600, X700, X800, X850
X1300, X1600, X1800, X1900, X1950
2400, 2600, 2900
3450, 3650, 3850, 3870,
4850, 4870
Intel® Extreme Graphics
GMA X3×00 series

in-game video:

The Sims 3 Screenshot

Install Note:
1: Join files with HjSplit
2. Burn or mount the image.
3. Install The Game. Use the keygen in the / Crack dir on the DVD when
prompted for a serial.
4. Copy over the cracked content from the / Crack dir on the DVD to
5. Play The Game. Be sure to have the firewall prevent the launcher and main
game from going online.
6. Support the software developers. If you like this game, BUY IT!

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Release name: The.Sims.3-RELOADED
Size: 5.3GB rld-sim3.rar
840MB Links:

» Part 1
» Part 2
» Part 3
» Part 4
» Part 5
» Part 6
no pass

Sims 3 Crack (for Reloaded release)
Contents: Serials, Keygen, NoCD crack, Cheats
Sims 3 Crack (for Razor1911 release)
Contents: Serials, NoCD crack, Cheats
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NEW: Download Full ISO The Sims 3: World Adventures

She makes other beat boxers look like Nickelback.

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Sims 3 is the continuation of the bestselling videogame franchise of all time, and as such,the Sims 3! by marimoon. the release date in less than two weeks has been pretty highly anticipated. Therefore, it’s not terribly surprising (especially given EA’s experience with Spore a few years ago) that the game has apparently already been leaked onto torrent sites.

While EA may be backing off the practice of using invasive DRM in its games, piracy continues. The newest casualty? Sims 3 has leaked to the torrent sites two weeks before the game's release.



Screenshot from TPB taken last night:

Nothing says romance like illegal downloads! I sense some “woohoo” in the future… in the game, after the girl has started playing it and refuses to look up from the screen.

Question of the day: Come on, is it really for their girlfriends?  Also, if you’re not willing to do it yourself, would you want someone else to brave pirates’ waters on your behalf for the sake of some early Sims action?

you can download TBP Torrent here

[Source: GAS] Picture By:marimoon

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