The Sims 3 Create A Sim -AVENGED

Sims 3 Create A Sim cover
Size: 2.31GB
Format: ISO
Language: English

Create any Sim you can imagine, give them unique personalities and share them with the world.  Then bring your Sims into The Sims 3 and be inspired with endless creative possibilities.
  • Create anyone – Hair color to eye color, face shape to body shape, fine-tune every detail of your Sims’ appearance.
  • Determine personalities – Will your Sims be Evil, Romantic, Paranoid, Kleptomaniacs, or something else?
  • Show off your Sims online – Connect and share your creations with the world.  Download Sims, outfits and more.
  • Bring your Sims to life in The Sims 3 – Build their homes, explore new locations and fulfill their life destinies.

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