PlayStation®Move Review, its PS3 motion controller

With E3 on the horizon, rumours are bound to be popping up. This one talks of a motion sensing controller for Sony’s Playstation 3. PlayStation_Move_Final_Design

There have been reports that someone has seen a working prototype of the Sony motion sensor controller which is set to make an appearance at E3 this year in June.

The company hasn’t confirmed a release date or a standalone price yet. However, it says there will be a bundle deal with one controller, a Playstation Eye camera (which is needed to receive the control signals) and one game for under $100.



The motion based controller work in conjunction with PlayStation Eye camera which tracks the motions and movement of the controller. Sony said that the controller becomes an “extension of your body”.


  • Move is small device that looks like a microphone
  • Starter kit begins at under $100 for a Move, a PlayStation eye camera and a game
  • Sony president calls Move games "amazingly diverse" playstation-move2

    Sony announced that they will be launching games specifically designed to work with PlayStation Move and will be available by the end of 2010. Sony confirmed that the latency of the controller is similar to DualShock 3 controller which allows gamers to play games without any delay. We have already seen this kind of controller released by Nintendo as well where users move their hands as if they are playing the game in reality.


    Here is a look at Playstation Move in action:

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