Anyone who's married knows weddings can be extremely stressful. Between the food, flowers, clothes, jewelry, and relatives, it can be enough to make any perfectly well-adjusted person break down in tears. However, it also makes for some really fun time-management gameplay.

Genre: Strategy
Publisher: PlayFirst
Developer: PlayFirst
Release Date: August 10, 2010

Wedding Dash 4-Ever PC Game Review:

Gear up for another busy wedding season! Quinn's mom unexpectedly arrives in town and shakes up Quinn's home, business, and love life. With her mom making suggestions at every turn, Quinn manages more wedding than ever before!

Help Quinn run the ceremony, lead conga lines, plan a dream wedding, and more in PlayFirst's most romantic time management game yet, Wedding Dash 4-Ever



Wedding Dash 4-Ever Screenshot

Wedding Dash 4-Ever Screenshot


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