PS3 Game Updater 1.11

PS3 Game Updater is a program that identifies the games you have on your computers HDD, it then lets you check for any updates those games may have and lets you download them

ps3 game updater screenshot 

Version 1.11
+ Enabled X button to close the appication.

Version 1.1
+ Added "Settings" and "About" windows.
Use the "Settings" window to save your last used folder, open folder after downloading all updates, and determine whether to save the updates into 1 big folder, or put each update in its game folder.

+ Table now shows the actualy game path as well.

+ Select/Deselect all checkbox added.

+ Added Download speed indicator.

+ Downloading now shows the version of the donwloaded update.

+ Minor GUI improvements.


Free Full Download: PS3 Game Updater

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