Original Modded XboX Evox Emulators and Apps Auto Installer

evox boot screen

This Installer is for an original soft-modded, mod-chipped or TSOP Flashed xbox running a hacked BIOS that boots the EvolutionX Dashboard

It will not format any of the partitions on your xbox hard drive
It will copy everything to the E:\ partition only (Evox dash files will be installed to the C:\partition)
It will over-write your existing evox.ini file on your C:\ partition
(Save your old one if you want)
It will not over-write any thing that you may already have on your xbox hard drive other than identical files that will stay the same
Some minor tweaking to the evox.ini file may be needed if you are installing on your existing hard drive (to show your F:\ or G:\ partitions)
depending on how you have things setup (F:\apps or F:\applications...etc)


Just make / add a fdrive folder to the installer and add what you want installed to that partition before you make the iso or you can do it manually
Then add this line to the evox.ini
copy "\fdrive\" "f:\"
If you want to format the F:\ partition
Remove the # to format the F:\ partition eg. Format f:
Than add eg. AutoAddItem "F:\emulators\"
Example Evox Dashboard Options after the install (Evox boot disk evox.ini)
Section "Root"
Item "Play Game or Media from DVDROM Drive",ID_Launch_DVD
Item "Avalaunch Dashboard","e:\apps\avalaunch\default.xbe"
Item "Unleashx Dashboard","e:\apps\unleashx\default.xbe"
Item "Xbox Media Player - XBMP","e:\Apps\xbmp\default.xbe"
Item "Xbox Media Center - XBMC","e:\Apps\XBMC\default.xbe"
Item "ConfigMagic (Advanced Users Only!)","e:\Apps\ConfigMagic\default.xbe"
Item "DVD2XBOX Game & Media Backup Tool","e:\Apps\dvd2xbox\default.xbe"
Item "MS Dashboard - Use to change Time/Date and TV Settings",ID_MS_Dash
Item "Eject XboX DVD Tray","e:\Apps\eject\default.xbe"
Item "Load XboX DVD Tray","e:\Apps\load\default.xbe"
Item "Trainers",ID_trainer
Section "Play Homebrew Games XboX on HDD"
Line "- Homebrew Games Installed on XboX HDD -"
AutoAddItem "E:\homebrew\"
Section "Applications Installed on XboX HDD"
Line "- Apps Installed on XboX HDD -"
AutoAddItem "E:\apps\"
Section "Emulators Installed on XboX HDD"
Line "- Emulators Installed on Hard Drive -"
AutoAddItem "E:\emulators\"
Section "System Management"
Item "Choose a Different Skin",ID_Skins
Item "System Settings",ID_Settings
System Settings
Item "Reboot Xbox",ID_Quick_Reboot
Item "Power OFF Xbox",ID_Power_Off
Item "Power Cycle",ID_Full_Reboot
Item "Clear Disk Caches",@290
Boot disk evox .ini info...
ConfigSector "\hd.bin" (# means no format, removing # means a format)
#Format c:
#Format e:
#Format f:
#Format x:
#Format y:
#Format z:
copy "\cdrive\" "c:\"
copy "\edrive\" "e:\"

Everything works great and the install will take about 10 minutes
Make sure that you have enough space on your E:\ partition for the full install (Check with Boxplorer on bootup)
This is great for mod-chipped or TSOP Flashed original Xbox's because you can just throw in any FAT32 partitioned hard drive under 300 mb and just do the following...
Just copy the existing contents of your C:\ partition to the cdrive folder
Then remove the all the # signs in the evox.ini file to format all the needed xbox partitions before you make the xbox iso
#Format c:
#Format e:
#Format f:
#Format x:
#Format y:
#Format z:
to look like this
Format c:
Format e:
Format f:
Format x:
Format y:
Format z:

You can also add the udata and tdata folders to the E:\ to keep all your game saves!
Or you can just use Slayers to rebuild / format your new / existing hard drive before the install (giving you the option of a G:\ if you want)
Tools needed to make and burn the xbox iso(or similar)

A small program you run fron the Desktop to make and extract xbox iso's
Just put all the files from the torrent you downloaded into a folder on the desktop
Open SimpleXiso and click on "Make ISO"
Name the iso whatever you want
Then choose an output folder for the iso when asked
You can burn the xbox iso with FreeISOBurner
You can also run this app from the Desktop
Choose burning at 4X and click off Finalize
There is no need to name the volume and leave the cache at 32
Use a DVD that your xbox likes
I suggest Verbatim media for best results
Boot the finished DVD in your xbox tray
Download Them Both at the end of post

Again, you can edit the evox.ini file to your taste if you want to install things to different partitions
You can edit / modify the contents to boot a different Dashboard
(With the alternate dashboard files added to the cdrive folder or added manually with the xbox booting the associated bios for that dash)
I included boxplorer on boot if you want to install things manually /check for space / remove files...etc (Configmagic Final is available on boot also)
You can just keep the files in your torrent download folder and FTP things manually also
(The boot DVD setup ip is so your FTP setup will be password xbox...Just go into system management on boot)
There are so many ways to use the my latest installer...

Here is a list of the emulators that it will install for you...(E:\apps)

NES Emulator
Dashboards included that will run as apps...
(Available on the main Evox Dashboard menu)
Avalaunch Dashboard
UnleashX Dashboard (Has the ability to format partitions, password is "Xbox"
Media Players Included
XboX Media Center (Latest)
XboX Media Player
Boxplorer (Available on Boot also)
Configmagic (Available on Boot also)
and Just a few of the apps...

There are 100's of emulator roms and much more apps, some music and some pictures to play with
All the emulators will save, take screenshots and much more...
Some of the roms may not work or may need tweaking, to many to test all of them...lol
(99% of roms work, it is just the Mame roms that may need tweaking, it will search for and list all the roms the first time you fire up the Mame emulator automatically for you)
Some of the apps and dashboards may be updated with an internet connection after the install (The Avalanche Dash is really internet friendly with downloadable skins, live updates and more, just plug in your cat5 and everything is setup, including music, just tweak the dashboard(s) settings [cfg/xml] to your tastes)

Have fun!



Free Full Download:

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