Following reports of the PlayStation Phone launching in February, Sony has just unveiled its next generation PlayStation Portable gaming device today. The next-gen PSP is going to be an awesome device which will boast a host of spectacular features. The device has been codenamed NGP. More on that, after the break.



The next generation PSP will feature a high resolution 5-inch 960×544-pixel OLED touchscreen, multiple touchpads, dual analog sticks, a whopping quad-core Cortex A9 processor and a quad-core SGX543 GPU. This definitely has to be one of the most powerful handheld device to hit the market, however it won’t be available until this holiday season.

NGP PSP2 Specification

Apart from the fact that the device is marked PlayStation, it is currently being called “Next Generation Portable” while it sports a user interface similar to that of the iPhone, controllable via the first ever dual analog control sticks. The device revolves around five key concepts: Revolutionary User Interface, Social Connectivity, Location-based Entertainment, Converging Real and Virtual (augmented) Reality. It will also be compatible with PlayStation Suite as well as being backwards compatible with downloadable PSP games.

The Next Generation Portable will also have 3G, WiFi, GPS, a rear-mounted touchpad, the same accelerometer / gyroscope motion sensing as in the PlayStation Move, an electronic compass, and cameras on both the front and back, making the next generation PSP a device to crave for.

As much as this device attracts potential consumers by its amazing set of features, availability isn’t until this holiday season. Let us see how good the Next Generation Portable performs on the market once it ultimately becomes available.

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PS3 Game Updater is a program that identifies the games you have on your computers HDD, it then lets you check for any updates those games may have and lets you download them

ps3 game updater screenshot 

Version 1.11
+ Enabled X button to close the appication.

Version 1.1
+ Added "Settings" and "About" windows.
Use the "Settings" window to save your last used folder, open folder after downloading all updates, and determine whether to save the updates into 1 big folder, or put each update in its game folder.

+ Table now shows the actualy game path as well.

+ Select/Deselect all checkbox added.

+ Added Download speed indicator.

+ Downloading now shows the version of the donwloaded update.

+ Minor GUI improvements.


Free Full Download: PS3 Game Updater

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