Lucie Adult Game is a realistic visual novel set in the corporate world. Through a very hot story, live your romance with Lucie the way you want. Loyal or not, a personalized ending awaits you. Laugh, flirt, and live unique and original situations Playable as a couple or solo !
10 Jan, 2023

About the game

You play as a man who must take in a young intern, Lucie, as a favor to her best friend, Zoe.
Help Lucie to discover her sexuality, and help your colleague Claire to get out of the clutches of an odious sexual blackmail
Define your loyalty to Lucie and you can discover a personalized ending.
Can you save your girls from the clutches of their new boss Pascal ?

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The game graphically depicts sex, usage of drugs and violence. The story is not intended for players being in a dark period of their lives. If you are easily offended or just looking for a fun game only, this game is not for you.

This game contains scenes of submission, voyeurism, sexcam, sex toys, exhibition, soft BDSM, manipulation, fighting, kidnapping, confinement and sexual drugs.
All the sex scenes with penetration are consented by the characters.

It is above all a story of passionate love with a hard moment at the end. I love happy ending.

Download Lucie Adult Game
Download Lucie Adult Game

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